Corporate Training Video Project - Ambient, Friendly Voice

Corporate IVR | Prompts - Formal, Approachable Voice

HP Corporate Commercial - Young Child Character Voice

Corporate Prompts - Friendly, Informative

Corporate Internet Video - Friendly, Informative Voice

ASEA - Phone Prompts - in English with Accent

TV Commercial - Upbeat, Energetic Voice

Corporate Brand Commercial Video - Casual, Chatty Voice - Interaction with a Male Voice

Commercial Video - Upbeat, Energetic Voice

IVR | Prompts for Medical Brand - Friendly, Informative

Mini-Cartoon Brand Video - Young Character Voice of the Animated Puppy ‘Sis’

Children Toys - Character Voices for various toys & Singing

Medical Instructions Video - Pleasant, Encouraging, Informative

Phone Prompts / IVR - Friendly, Informative

Promotional Video - Dubbing - Voice of a Girl

E-Learning / Training Module Video  - Corporate - Formal, Informative

Corporate Prompts - Informative, Friendly

Explainer Online Video - Animation - Friendly, Energetic, Informative

Internet 30-Second Commercial - Upbeat, Energetic

E-Learning - Corporate - Informative, Formal

Mini-Cartoon Brand Video - incl. Singing - Voice of the Animated Puppy ‘Sis’ & Cookie Jar